Printable Card Games

Printable card games, aka print-and-play games, have 3 advantages: customizability, potentially lower cost, and no need to wait for delivery. Cartref carries the tradition forward.


Cartref is a strategic Eurostyle game with minimal take-that and many opportunities to mitigate luck. Players build and manipulate a shared magical city to maximize massive end-game bonuses. Now that I have posted a free edition of the fun printable game on, I wanted to find other places to share the game.

I enjoy using little income buildings from Tapestry to mark which buildings are owned by each player, or alternatively little 3D-printed tokens as shown above.

Other printable games

So I spent the morning in search of other printable games on the web. It turns out that relatively few games fall into the “modern” or Eurogamer category that we frequently find on or Instead, virtually all games that I found were simple old games with a low weight, high randomness, and minimal strategy.


  • Uno is a classic card game loved by both children and adults. The game involves matching colors and numbers, while strategically using action cards to create obstacles for opponents. Printable Uno decks can be found online, allowing players to enjoy the game’s fast-paced excitement without the need for a physical deck.
  • Cards Against Humanity is (intended to be) a hilarious and often irreverent party game that sparks laughter and creativity. The game involves completing fill-in-the-blank statements with amusing or outrageous phrases. Printable versions of Cards Against Humanity can be found, enabling players to experience the game’s humor and entertainment value at any gathering.
  • Go Fish is a simple and family-friendly card game that helps develop memory and matching skills. Players take turns asking opponents for specific cards to create sets. Printable Go Fish cards can be easily generated, allowing players to enjoy this timeless game while adding a personal touch by customizing the card designs.
  • Memory, also known as Concentration, is a classic matching game that challenges players’ recall abilities. The printable version of Memory allows players to print out cards featuring various images or symbols, which are then placed face-down and flipped over in pairs to find matching pairs. This game is suitable for players of all ages and can be enjoyed individually or with friends and family.
  • War is a straightforward and luck-based card game that requires no special skills. Players simply compare the values of their cards, and the higher card wins the round. Printable War cards can be easily obtained, allowing players to experience the excitement and anticipation of this timeless game.

I also ran across an amazing number of printable games for baby showers.

Where are all the Eurogames?

I had really expected to find more repositories of modern games in printable format. PNPArcade, as well as Martin’s specialized FB group, seem to be the only big places out there. I submitted Cartref to PNPArcade but never heard back from them (as of today), nor have I seen it appear on their site. Maybe PNPArcade is dying, too.

That would be a real shame. Are printable Eurogames going to become an endangered species?

Notes to self

  • Keep eyes open for more repositories.
  • That is all. Very sad, really.