Tapestry: Fantasies and Futures

Fantasies and Futures

Design by Mike Young and Chris Scaffidi
Art by Andrew Bosley
Published by Stonemaier Games

A science-fiction/fantasy expansion for Tapestry

1-5 players / Ages 12+ / 90-120 minutes

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In this expansion for Stonemaier’s Tapestry, you accelerate your civilization’s development by tapping into fantastic new powers provided by parallel universes intersecting our own. I’ll release¬†additional imagery¬†of the game in lockstep with new reveals by Stonemaier over the coming weeks.

Fun fact: Each game of Tapestry is a possible history in a parallel reality. Which will you visit today?


  • 10 new civilizations
  • 6 advanced capital city mats
  • 38 new tapestry cards
  • 12 new tech cards
  • Comprehensive rulebook that organizes all rules for the base game and expansions
  • Replacement cards for a few misprints in prior expansions

Publication Details

Stonemaier owns Tapestry and all its expansions, including Fantasies and Futures. All use of Stonemaier assets on this website is with permission. Stonemaier writes that preorders will begin in early March, with retail release a few months later.