Design by Chris Scaffidi
Public domain art by Jenny Nyström, adapted by Chris Scaffidi

Competitive, medium-weight engine-builder of Christmas gnomes, tableaus and end-game bonuses

2-4 players / Ages 12+ / 45-90 minutes

Become one of the friendly, hard-working Scandinavian Tomten, completing tasks in preparation for St. Knut’s Day. Players will compete to collect task cards for a mix of instant rewards and engine building by working and resting their way through the holiday season.

A game takes place on a calendar-themed board beginning on December 1st, culminating on St. Knut’s Day on January 13th. Tasks performed will cause resources to be spent, but resting (and some task rewards) can bring those resources back into the ready position. As players collect task cards, they’ll build an engine by adding each card’s rewards to their train of completion rewards when working, playing, or partying on holidays.

At the end of the game, players will all join together for St. Knut’s Day and score final victory bonuses based on the artwork shown on cards they’ve collected throughout the game. Each card features a unique illustration by Jenny Nyström, a Swedish painter and illustrator famous for her works featuring the jultomte performing tasks throughout the Christmas season.

Featured Components

  • 54 cards, including 46 task cards
  • Game board and tokens
  • 4 player mats
  • 16 custom dice
  • Rule book
  • Box

Status: In development for Christmas 2024

Brains and Brawn Gaming licensed Tomten on 2 March 2021 but has not exercised rights within the timeframe of the contract. As a result, I currently plan to self-publish Tomten with a Kickstarter in 2024Q4.