Design by Chris Scaffidi
Public domain art by Jenny Nyström, adapted by Chris Scaffidi

Tableau-builder of Christmas gnomes for 2-4 players

Competitive / Cooperative / Team

2-4 players / Ages 14+ (in advanced mode) / 30-60 minutes

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The Swedish Christmas gnome, known as Tomten, is eager to bring joy and gifts during the holiday season. Though you and your fellow gnomes have a busy schedule filled with many tasks, you’ll also have time for resting and friendly meetings. By planning well, you’ll enjoy a blissful holiday as you and your friends soak in the beautiful tradition of a heart-warming Scandinavian Christmas.

Key Mechanisms

  • Time Track – calendar position determines play order
  • Worker Placement with Dice Workers – manage and spend dice to do tasks
  • Contracts and Open Drafting – nimbly navigate tasks to claim cards before opponents
  • End Game Bonuses and Tags – plan a massive celebration on St. Knut’s Day
  • Competitive, Cooperative and Team-Based Game – supporting multiple play modes, suitable for families as well as experienced Eurogamers

Featured Components

  • 44 task cards, plus reference cards and exclusive promo cards
  • 50 dice
  • 8 tokens
  • Calendar board
  • Rule book

Status: In development for Christmas 2024

Brains and Brawn Gaming licensed Tomten on 2 March 2021 but has not exercised rights within the timeframe of the contract. As a result, I currently plan to self-publish Tomten with a Kickstarter in 2024Q4.