Gnomadic Gardeners

Gnomadic Gardeners

Design and art by Chris Scaffidi

Light-weight card game of garden gnomes for 1-2 players

1-2 players / Ages 14+ / 10-20 minutes

Cooperative / Head-to-Head / Solo

The gnomes that you manage at the community garden are free-spirited: the cards that you play to do garden tasks become the other player’s cards for the next round.

Efficiently deploy your gnomes, recruit enchanted animals to help you score, and race to complete garden tasks for the win!

If you enjoy Star Realms and Happy Little Dinosaurs, then you’ll probably enjoy the tactical challenge of Gnomadic Gardeners.

2nd Edition Components

The 2nd edition includes the cooperative mode, bigger task cards, a more durable box, and cute gnome markers — all while reducing table space required.

  • 12 gnome cards
  • 9 task cards
  • 2 reference cards
  • Rule booklet with scenarios
  • 1 board for scoring and tracking animals
  • 20 markers and other tokens
  • Durable box

What people are saying

  • “Short and sweet 2-player game. Clever mechanics!” – Ben Brewster, player and game designer
  • “I took the game home and taught The Son (10yo).” – Adam Collins, reviewer
  • “Solo variant: smooth and also very challenging!” – Kenji Sugawara, reviewer
  • “Easy to learn but difficult to master.” – Daniel Herren, reviewer
  • “Sneaky strategy, lots of ways to challenge your opponent.” – Lance & Sam, reviewers
  • “The mechanics of the game were great because it creates a very different game each time you play.

Status: 2nd Edition live on Kickstarter

Back the 2nd Edition on Kickstarter today!

The 1st edition became available for purchase via The Game Crafter on 30 Jan 2023. Its Kickstarter campaign ran from August 9-31, 2022.

Videos from the First Edition


Thank you

Thank you to the dozens of people who playtested Gnomadic Gardeners in 2022-2024. Special thanks to those who played many times, including Adam, Ali, Becca, Betsy, Don, Jan, Josiah and Sam.

Thanks as well to users FullmoonCat and tbuser (on Thingiverse) for CC-BY SA models adapted to create the miniatures.