Gnomadic Gardeners

Gnomadic Gardeners

Design and art by Chris Scaffidi

Competitive, lightweight engine-builder of tactical card play

1-2 players / Ages 14+ / 10-20 minutes

Live on Kickstarter

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You are a head gardener at the community garden. You and your team of gnomes complete tasks to supply the local food bank. But your free-spirited sprites frequently switch teams and help your opponent accumulate bliss (points) instead of you. You’ll outsmart your opponent as you carefully deploy your gnomes, strategically recruit animal assistants, and win the game.

If you enjoy Star Realms and Happy Little Dinosaurs, then you’ll probably enjoy the tactical challenge of Gnomadic Gardeners.


With stretch goals up to 100 backers
With all stretch goals
  • 36 cards, including 14 animal-tracker cards and 2 score-tracking cards
  • Rule booklet with scenarios
  • 4 sliders for score-tracking cards
  • 3 tokens for marking completed tasks

Release Details

The Kickstarter campaign for Gnomadic Gardeners runs August 9-31, 2022.


Prior to hitting stretch goals, the game had a tracker mat (below) instead of the animal-tracker and score-tracking cards (above).