I’m Chris Scaffidi. I gave up a career as a professor of computer science so that I could give the gift of fun and friendships. How? By designing games that bring people together.

My company, Fervent Workshop, specializes in “Weefolk of the Highest Quality.” High-quality Weefolk meet 2 primary criteria:

Immersively thematic. Every type of Weefolk generates connotations, thanks to folklore. Gnomes resemble clever little old men with magic. Goblins are cunning and nasty, not to mention a bit greedy. Dwarfs dig and are a little silly. Carefully aligning a game’s characters to the theme sends players swimming in a deep, overwhelming pool of experience that drowns out ordinary “reality.”

Integrated to mechanisms. Kind weefolk such as wish-granting fairies come with kind mechanisms. Nasty weefolk like gremlins come with nasty, tech-oriented mechanisms. Family-oriented weefolk like gregarious gnomes come with lightweight, communal mechanisms. Theme-mechanism integration is extremely important to me, an area where I absolutely refuse to compromise.

In addition, my games about weefolk must meet a variety of other criteria.

  • Enthusiastic fans: I never consider a game “done” until a contingent of playtesters absolutely love the game.
  • Alluring art: I’m not satisfied until I feel a repeated urge to look at the components, just for pure aesthetic pleasure.
  • Market-competitive: I aim to create new experiences not offered by other games, without waste on needless components.