What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath

Design by Chris Scaffidi
Art by Jason Glover
Published by RnC Games

A print-and-play choose-your-own-misadventure game

1 player / Ages 14+ / 1-2 hours

You dream you’re in a chapel. Small, high-pitched voices sing an ancient song. Yet a sense of unease washes through you. The core is more macabre. Dust, bones and dried death. A flickering torch. Underground. A crypt.

You catch a wisp of a breeze, heavy with the stench of rot. You gag. Yet a breeze suggests a way out. You take the torch, determined to get out of here alive.

Distinctive mechanics

You design a character to fight and outwit your way through this print-and-play choose-your-own-misadventure game. Formatted as a book, it presents you with the challenges of a solo role playing game:

  • Leveling up your character
  • Classic skill checks
  • Intellectual puzzles
  • Dexterity challenges

Integrating feedback from playtesters will guide refinement of gameplay, enabling players to select among the mechanics that they enjoy the most.

Publication Details

RnC Games owns What Lies Beneath. All use of their assets on this website is with permission. RnC Games will handle print-and-play versions and has granted a license for Fervent Workshop to sell physical editions of the game in the future. The game will likely Kickstart in late 2023.