Fantasies and Futures

A science-fiction/fantasy expansion for Tapestry


Medium-weight city-builder for 1-3 players

Gnomadic Gardeners

Light-weight card game of garden gnomes for 1-2 players

Dungeon Maker Deluxe

Draft-and-write dungeon-builder and dungeon-crawler


Tableau-builder of Christmas gnomes for 2-4 players

What Lies Beneath

A solo dungeon-crawler of dice, decisions and death

Gnome Fall

The gnomish tile-placement engine-builder


Medium-weight civilization-builder for 1-6 players

Club Gnome: More gnome games

Your destination for puzzles, art and all manner of wee delights.

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Table Presence Blog

This blog explores all aspects of table presence, especially the beauty, the I-want-to-touch-it, the you-cant-ignore-how-loud-we-are, and the “I have to own that” of tabletop games.

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