Design and art by Chris Scaffidi

Competitive, asymmetric, medium-weight game of building magical civilizations

1-6 players / Ages 14+ / 60-100 minutes

You lead a People with unique magic abilities: Dwarfs, Valkyries, Goblins, Humans, Gnomes, and Elves. Build tunnels to reach distant lands, entice other players to inhabit your communities, profit from their actions, commercialize your own magic abilities, enchant animal companions, and sing glorious forest groves into being. Will your emblem shine as a beacon of honor and prosperity, or fade as a footnote in history?

If you enjoy Wingspan, Scythe or Tapestry, then you’ll probably enjoy the engine-building of Emblem.

Featured Components

  • Board
  • 6 faction mats
  • 72 spell cards
  • 36 cultural mandate cards
  • 54 landmarks and faction-specific components
  • Score pad
  • Rule book
  • 200-ish smaller bits (disks, meeples and tokens)

On Your Turn

Each turn, strategically develop your realm by performing one of four actions. Producing, inhabiting and building will provide you with resources, populate the land with your People, and bolster your scoring and production capabilities. Or, finally, augment your actions by harnessing the unique magical spell cards of your People. Race to build landmarks that define the game’s area-majority scoring bonuses, and earn points by fulfilling the unique cultural mandate that your People give you for this game.

Status: Development

I anticipate Kickstarting Emblem in 2025, Its design is essentially complete, but it could change somewhat as I do the graphic design, art and 3d models. As Emblem will be the crown jewel of my games, I am taking my time on the UI so that when it’s finished, everybody really enjoys the final result.