Design and art by Chris Scaffidi

Solo choose-your-own-path civilization-builder

1 player / Ages 13+ / 30-ish minutes

The dwarfs depend on you, their crystal golem, to guide their civilization after the dragon apocalypse. Defeat the enemy. Multiply the population. Build new cities. Explore a magical world. Trade with other Peoples. Thrive!

Structured as a branching narrative, this prequel to What Lies Beneath invites you to direct the plot — but only if you master a unique combination of dice challenges.

Status: Development

I’ll periodically email free drafts of the game to people who download the preview and give feedback via a 5-minute survey. The game is extremely easy to start. Just print 1 page and navigate the hyperlinked PDF. You need only 5 standard D6 dice, a pencil, and an eraser. There’s no lengthy rulebook. The game explains all key mechanisms as they appear.