Gnome Fall

Gnome Fall

Design by Chris Scaffidi and Adam Michaud

The gnomish tile-placement engine-builder

2-4 players / Ages 13+ / 50-70 minutes

As the embodiment of nature’s creative forces, you and your fellow gnomes bring life to the land. Place tiles to create new gardens and homes, to captivate and delight your enchanted piggy friends, to walk the woods and discover new magical cantrips, and to celebrate the flourishing of your clan. Time your tile-placement well to maximize your benefits from each season’s changing magic. The clan with the strongest connection to the land, the most inspired magic, and the love of the local piggy population will generate the most bliss in all Gnomedom!

Tile placement determines your actions, based on terrain edges that you match and your tile’s badge.

Status: Late design

Gnome Fall has received a few dozen playtests and is in the hands of a co-designer responsible for finding a publisher. Placeholder art is a mixture of AI-generated and public-domain work.