Eye-Catching Component Alert: CastleScape’s Cool Little Turrets

Every once in a while, a game comes around that perfectly illustrates a game development concept without unnecessary complexity. CastleScape is such an example.

The game includes nifty little turrets that look very much like Legos. Any of us who have played with Legos will likely have a visceral desire to reach out and manipulate those components.

Taking it to the next level, those cubes nest perfectly inside the turret tops. I find myself want to check if all the cubes all fit nicely (there’s quite a bit of variance in the size of wooden cubes, vs acrylic). The game is begging for tactile engagement.

I enjoy the art of the cover and the back of the cards. The brushtrokes on the castle of the box are especially painterly and enjoyable.

Notes to self

  • Flat tops on turrets have no stringing.
    • If the cubes are 9mm on a side, each of the 8 blocks at the top of the turret is 3mm x 3mm.
  • Note turrets of customized wordmark on back of cards and box.