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You’ve heard it a hundred times.

“I need a gift for a non-gamer, something that we’ll both enjoy. What should I buy?”

Gnomadic Gardeners

Light-weight engine-builder of garden gnomes for 1-2 players

6 copies per carton

The gnomes that you manage at the community garden are free-spirited: the cards that you play to do garden tasks become the other player’s cards for the next round. Efficiently deploy your gnomes, build an engine by recruiting enchanted animals to help you score, and race to complete garden tasks for the win!

Play Head-to-head, Cooperatively, or Solo

Perfect for date night: Cooperative mode poses a challenge that brings players together with plenty of opportunities to help one another.

Perfect for travel: This compact engine-builder takes less space than an airplane table. And this second edition includes a durable box so you can match wits in head-to-head mode wherever you go!

Perfect for a quick solo challenge: An easy-to-operate automata will challenge, frustrate and delight you. The rulebook includes scenarios to keep the game fresh in either head-to-head or solo mode.

Perfect to gift to non-gamers: From the silly limericks on the cards to the quick and easy-to-learn rules, this game was crafted specifically for helping gamers to bring more non-gamers into the hobby.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Gamers and non-gamers love Gnomadic Gardeners

  • “The concept is a simple one and executed very well.”
  • “Gnomadic Gardeners plays a great balance of easy to learn but difficult to master.”
  • “I really enjoyed Gnomadic Gardeners. It is quick, thematic, and well-designed.”
  • “Easy to learn and plays fast, but offers tough choices in every hand.”
  • “The artwork is cute and easily read. The flavor text adds fun to the game.”
  • “Each of the gnomes has a unique pun as flavor text.”
  • “Short and sweet 2-player game. Clever mechanics!”
  • “I took the game home and taught The Son (10yo).”
  • “Solo variant: smooth and also very challenging!”
  • “Cooperatively plan the best set of animals.”
  • “Fantastic mechanics that are presented in an accessible and interesting package.”
  • “The mechanics of the game were great because it creates a very different game each time you play.”
  • “Interactions between the two players really lend themselves to mind games and trying to outsmart the other player.”
  • “It packs an amazing amount of game into (dare I say it?) a ‘gnome-sized’ package.”
Back of the box

3 Guarantees for Retailers

If you don’t sell your copies within 1 year, I’ll buy them back from you.

Just ship them back (or have me pick them up if you’re in Corvallis/Albany), and I’ll return 100% of what you paid me.

You’ll have 6 copies in your hands within 2 weeks.

And if you’re in Corvallis/Albany, I’ll get them to you within 1 week with no charge for shipping/delivery.

You’re getting the lowest price.

You’ll pay 50% of the $25 MSRP, only $12.50 per copy (plus $1 for shipping outside the Corvallis/Albany area).

For 12 months after your purchase, I will never sell the game to anyone for less than what you paid. Not to other retailers, nor to online shoppers.

Players are burning through the 2nd Edition’s manufacturing run as fast as they burned through the first edition.

I’d prefer that people buy their copies from you instead. Wouldn’t you agree?

Each carton contains 6 copies. If you want a quantity other than a multiple of 6, email me.