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People are busier than ever.
Sell a dungeon-crawler that eliminates the need for recruiting a Dungeon Master.

~ Dungeon Maker Deluxe ~

Fortify a dungeon — and then invade your opponent’s!

6 copies per carton. 50% of MSRP (+$2.50 to ship outside Corvallis area)

You and your fellow wizards have a bad habit of pilfering each other’s dungeons. But this time you’re prepared! You’ve fortified your dungeon with a bestiary of nasty creatures. Imps. Dragons. Werewolves. Each with their own magical powers, ready to pounce.

You leave them on guard as you depart for your own dungeon-crawl, only to learn your fellow wizards have done the same. And they have a cave troll.

Create a DM-less Adventure: All players draft dangerous creatures to defend their dungeon — and then each player crawls an opponent’s dungeon. There’s no need to recruit a DM because everybody is a Dungeon Master.

Lay Nasty Traps: Hydras with old witch crones. Hippogriffs with banshees and redcaps. Well-placed creatures deliver massive combo damage to trespassers within your dungeon!

Use Character Spells to Mitigate Bad Luck: Not getting the cards you wanted? No problem. Every player has a unique character mat providing flexible spells to intermingle wisely with cards.

Fortify & Crawl Solo: Nobody else available? Develop your dungeon-fortification skills against an easy-to-operate automa. Then, try your hand at crawling dungeons in solitaire mode.

Play Again and Again: Use your dry-erasable mats, including 12 unique dungeons and 12 unique characters, to develop a variety of strategies for different situations. Then WIN again and again!

Dungeon Maker Deluxe is like FRESH AIR for your stale old dungeon-crawling game night.

Players say…

“I’ve never played anything like it.”

“We loved the replayability of this game.”

“This game blends the classic dungeon crawling aesthetic with puzzle solving and strategy!”

“I really like the scoring in the solo mode, how it incorporates both the volume of the dungeons fortified as well as the strength.”

“The dungeon exchanging is great.”

“It’s rare to find a game that incorporates a puzzle solving mechanic!”

Replayability! Probably played it 5 times already!”

“It is an interesting game that becomes a spatial puzzle and flip-and-write where you are able to build a better deck for the second half of the game.”

“It’s a combination of a legacy dungeon crawler with a puzzle game!”

3 Guarantees for Retailers

You’ll have the game within 2 weeks.

If you live within 30 miles of Corvallis, you’ll have it within 1 week.

If you don’t sell your copies within 1 year, I’ll buy them back from you.

Just ship them back (or have me pick them up if you’re in Corvallis/Albany), and I’ll return 100% of what you paid.

You’re getting the lowest price.

You’ll pay 50% of the $50 MSRP, only $25 per copy (plus $2.50 for shipping outside the Corvallis area).

For 12 months after your purchase, I will never sell the game to anyone for less than what you paid. Not to other retailers — and especially not to online shoppers, who are buying copies at $55 from my online store (Fervent Workshop).

Each carton contains 6 copies. If you want a quantity other than a multiple of 6, email me.