Tired of nagging your dungeon master to run a campaign?
Exhausted by hosting in your house?

Get ready for a dangerous adventure that you can play on your own.

Structured as a Choose-Your-Own-Path narrative, What Lies Beneath invites you to direct the plot – but only if you master a unique combination of dice mechanisms.

  • Immerse Yourself in 204 Pages of Danger: You awaken in a crypt, your past a haze. Outwit magical adversaries, find a cure for a mysterious disease, and rediscover your identity. Or die trying.
  • Do More with Just 6 Dice: While we all love D&D-style stat checks (roll X or higher), you’ll experience so much more. Like flick them. Or roll and manipulate them.
  • Learn as You Play: Dive straight into the story without reading pages and pages of rules beforehand. The book introduces all mechanisms as you encounter each for the first time.
  • Leave a Mark on the World: Your choices affect the state of the world and can accumulate bad karma to your character — shaping the narrative at key points based on past decisions.
  • Play 13 Times or More: That’s the number of different endings — plus dozens of ways to die. You’ll escape the crypt many times before you’ve uncovered your hero’s true backstory and discovered all this magical world has to offer.

Players are dying for this book.

“The story is captivating, and the combination of wit, dexterity and fight tests in ‘What Lies Beneath’ is fresh.”

“The rules are simple and the writing is exceptionally well done.”

“It’s essentially a dark, dungeon-diving ‘choose your own adventure’ game with unique, applicable mechanics.”

“I liked the sense of discovery and exploration as I moved through the book.”

“I died in many different and somehow funny ways.”

“I liked how easy it was to get started.”

“The flow of the storyline worked really well in the choose your own adventure style.”

“Completing this game is not trivial, and I like it.”

“It is a fun solo adventure where you explore a branching storyline to find out your own identity.”

“Dice mechanisms help mitigate luck so that you can focus on the story while still enjoying the challenge.”

“Congratulations for an outstanding work that I am not going to put away soon!”

3 Guarantees for Immediate Corvallis-Area Orders

If you live within 30 miles of Corvallis, I can make these guarantees if you order now.

You’ll have the book in your hands within 3 days.

I’ll personally deliver it to your home. (Or if you like waiting, you could order it from DriveThruRPG instead. Then wait for them to print a copy. Then wait for delivery.)

If you tire of the book before you die 3 times, I’ll buy it back from you.

Out of nearly 300 people who’ve purchased it, literally nobody has ever asked for their money back. If you happen to be the first, I’ll go to your house, take back the book, and return your full purchase price as cash. (Applies to the printed/book edition, not the digital/PDF edition.)

You’ll save money.

DriveThruRPG charges $16.50 for the book ($12 plus $4.50 for shipping). If you order now, you pay only $10. I can offer this deal because I pre-ordered a cache of copies and can deliver them myself.

I’ll even give you a free dry-erasable character sheet so you don’t need to print a new one each time that you die. But I’m running out of copies. Really, I’m not just saying that. I have a stack of a few dozen dry-erasable character sheets left over from the Kickstarter, and I don’t plan to order more.