Playtest 5 maps now, plus 95 later FOR FREE!

Claim 100 free maps as a thank-you for checking out Dwarfdom.

You know the challenge of carving out time to play an engine-builder.

Now feel the thrill of empire on YOUR schedule.

Dwarfdom is a series of roll-and-write mini-games on little maps, each only 10 minutes long. Play 1 map per day, or save them up and play through them at your own pace.

Drop your email address in the form below to immediately get the first 5 maps, each with unique challenges. And every few weeks, I’ll email a bundle of new maps to you — 100 maps total, all for free.

Discover a daily new experience…

  • Battle 5 kinds of beasts to secure a home for your People
  • Interact with 3 other mysterious Peoples
  • Discover 6 terrain types, each with its own scoring
  • Activate 5 types of arcana that mitigate bad luck
  • Immerse yourself in your civilization’s narrative arc
  • Delve underground to access secret chambers
  • Experience dozens of maps with unique puzzles and mechanics

Get playing in minutes! — Print a single 1-page reusable worksheet. Gather 5 standard dice, a pencil and eraser. Then you’re ready!

Players love Dwarfdom…

  • “Play something new each day”
  • “Quick solo game with a narrative campaign”
  • “I love the story! For example, I thought: oh no, not the sheep!”
  • “Requires strategic planning as well as good tactical ability”
  • “Straightforward & tense”
  • “After every game, I thought: if I do this a different the next time, it would be better.”

I’m offering 100 maps to you for free because I value the feedback of engaged gaming community members before my games go live. Giving away 90% finished games to playtesters is essential for creating games with great ratings of 8 or higher on BoardGameGeek.

It’s the same process that I used when designing Tapestry Fantasies & Futures for Stonemaier Games, as well as What Lies Beneath for Fervent Workshop (my own company).


When Dwarfdom comes out on Kickstarter, I plan to charge $1 for every 10 maps. Or you can sign up to playtest 100 free maps now by dropping your email address below. That’s a $10 value, with no commitment to ever purchase anything.

Unless you have money to burn, I literally don’t know of any reason why you’d wait.

This offer has now ended.